600 X Ritek DVD-R blank discs - Matte 16X burn

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- 12 X 50 blank DVD-R disc packs - Premium A Grade - Matte
- All our 50 disc packs include a spindle and cake lid for your convenience
- Inkjet printable white matte surface to small centre hub at 22mm diameter
- 16X burn speed
- 4.7GB storage capacity on a single disc
- Ideal for photos, video, data files, back-ups, duplication runs etc
- Ritek discs are a trusted brand in the DVD Production industry

Ritek discs are a industry standard duplicating disc that are ideal for photos, video, data files, back-ups and duplication runs. The white inkjet printable matte surface has a very smooth and excellent finish to it, along with a small center hub makes it a very good disc to print to.
These are the same discs that we use everyday for our DVD duplication runs, firstly because the error rate during the burn process is very low, resulting in minimum fails, and also because of the excellent quality of the disc print surface.

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