1 X DVD Case black quad 14mm spine - Holds 4 Discs

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- Holds four discs in each case - quad
- Case dimensions closed 190mm(h) X 135mm(w) X 14mm(spine)
- High quality durable polypropylene plastic
- Push button hub clasp for easy removal and refastening of your disc
- Clear heavy gauge plastic outer overlay for cover sleeve insertion

Excellent quality 4 Disc DVD black cases. Being a multi-disc case they are perfect for keeping your TV or movie collection in whilst saving storage space. With a 14mm spine this case is known as a full sized DVD case, the same sized case that a brought or rented DVD movie would come in. Did you know that black DVD cases are more environmentally friendly than the clear cases as they are made from a recycled plastic.
They also keep the light out better and therefore can preserve the the disc inside longer. These are the same DVD cases that we use everyday for our DVD duplication runs, firstly because the disc clasp is easy to use and holds the disc well, and secondly because of the strength in the outer plastic overlay that holds the printed sleeve.

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